New Online Letting Service for Private Landlords: Treehaus

We are excited to announce that we have gone digital and launched Treehaus: a range of low cost online lettings services for private landlords who don’t want to use a traditional letting agent. The coronavirus pandemic has been a time to consolidate, update and innovate.

During the Government’s two-month ban on moving, technology allowed the sector to keep moving and will continue to be a part of the industry’s recovery. As many landlords and tenants are still anxious about leaving their home, online letting services allow landlords to rent out their property from the comfort of their own sofa, while cutting costs.

Advertise on Rightmove for only £1

There has been a resurgence in demand from tenants as the sector continues to gain momentum, making it a great time to start advertising your rental property. Rightmove recently reported that demand for UK rental properties is up by 22% compared to last year. As the majority of people looking to move house use the internet to find their next home, advertising on Rightmove and Zoopla is an effective way to market rental properties and find quality prospective tenants. And as more people are working from home, many have extra time to browse listings on these online platforms.

With Treehaus, private landlords can advertise their rental on Rightmove, Zoopla and OnTheMarket without enlisting a traditional letting agent. Landlords are able to advertise on Rightmove for just £1 for the first seven days, which is often enough time to find the perfect tenant. But to achieve the most interest from potential tenants, we recommend taking our full advertising package which provides access to Rightmove, Zoopla and OnTheMarket for £29.

Once you upload your photos and property description, we can get your advert up within hours, allowing you to quickly reach thousands of prospective tenants. Treehaus then connects tenant enquiries directly to the landlords, and the landlords then organise and conduct the viewings – whether they wish to undertake these virtually or in person.

This gives landlords the power to find the right tenant for the property and make their own choices about who they want to rent their property to instead of relying on a third party. Finding tenants doesn’t need to be stressful or time consuming. If you’re ready to list your property on Rightmove, Zoopla and OnTheMarket, simply log in to the Treehaus dashboard and follow the instructions.

A range of low-cost online letting services

We also offer additional cost-effective services for landlords, which are all available online, making it easy to manage lettings virtually. To help you make informed decisions on whether you should rent your property out to a potential tenant, we can perform tenant credit checks and referencing for £20 per tenant. We also offer a customisable tenancy agreement with secure digital signing for £20 per agreement.

Once the tenant pays their deposit, we can take care of deposit registration through a government-backed scheme for £20 per tenancy. We even offer rent collection for only £10 per month to take the stress and awkwardness out of reminding and chasing tenants to pay rent. And if you are concerned about the risk of your tenant missing a rental payment, we also offer rent protection insurance which covers you in case your tenant becomes unwilling or unable to pay rent.

To set up this insurance only costing £10 per month, your tenant must pass our reference checks.

Guidance on issuing the right lettings documentation

With more than 145 different rules and regulations on letting, it can be challenging to keep up with the ever-changing landlord legislation, and there have even been changes to lettings legislation due to Covid-19. We recently ran a landlord survey and discovered that tax and legislative changes are a primary concern among UK landlords. This is not surprising as not following the correct legislation can lead to disputes with tenants and heavy fines.

As a result of this, the new Treehaus online dashboard has been designed to assist landlords in issuing the correct documentation alongside a tenancy agreement. The dashboard also helps landlords stay compliant with the continuously changing legislation.

The benefits of online letting agents

More and more landlords are using online letting agents, which have presented an alternative cost-effective option for landlords who don’t want to use a traditional high street agent. And as more of the property sector turns to technology, online letting agents are only expected to become even more popular.

These types of agents help private landlords save time and money, allow them to retain control over their rental and have access to flexible packages where they can pick what services they need. With Treehaus range of low-cost online letting services for fixed prices, we are making it easy for landlords to get the help they need online. You can even get an online rental valuation with our instant rent calculator. 

Online letting agent services through Treehaus

Ultimately, our new offering means private landlords are able to find the right tenants quickly and cost-effectively, so they can experience shorter void periods and enjoy a better return on investment. Treehaus also aims to help private landlords manage their rental online coming out of the Covid-19 crisis and beyond.

Having the ability to manage many parts of lettings virtually will become ever more important moving forward as some social distancing measures may need to be in place for most of the year.

Treehaus is available nationally. Landlords can simply pick the services they’d like to use. For more information on Treehaus online letting services and pricing, click here.