Advertise on Rightmove and Zoopla

And reach thousands of tenants within hours

One Pound

for 7 days on Rightmove


Rightmove is the UK's largest portal with access to hundreds of thousands of tenants.

Rightmove is the most popular choice amongst estate agents with an estimated 99% of estate agents listing their properties here.

Unlike the other portals, Rightmove requires you to prove ownership, so please have this handy when you start the advertising process.

£1 for 7 days

Once you've uploaded your photos, we'll get your property featured on the Portals within a few hours.

£1 buys you 7 days on Rightmove, and single property landlords can use this package once per annum. That's often enough time to find your perfect tenant.

But if you want to maximise interest in your property, we'd recommend the Full Advertising package for £29 which offers 30 days advertising on Rightmove, Zoopla and OnTheMarket. Special packages are available for larger landlords.

I found a tenant through Treehaus in 7 days.

Sophie D, Liverpool


OnTheMarket is the newest entrant to portal market. It prides itself on having the most up to date stock, and in some locations has overtaken Zoopla in terms of the number of applicants it provides.

Treehaus Website

Treehaus properties are listed on our main website, as well as the national property portals.

We'll gather together the enquiries that come in from our different marketing channels, and put them in touch with you to organise viewings directly.


Zoopla has long battled Rightmove for the top spot. Like Rightmove, Zoopla lists properties nationally.

Alongside its sister website, Primelocation, it attracts 55 million homehunters per month.

Top Tips for Advertising

  • Take amazing photos
    The single most important feature of a property listing on Rightmove or Zoopla is the quality of the photos. In our London based branches, we use professional photos for every single property we advertise, because prospective tenants are naturally drawn towards the best looking properties. So if you aren't planning to use a professional photographer, you should take extra care to get the best possible photos. Make sure the rooms are as light as possible, make sure the property is clear of any personal possessions and take photos from several angles - discarding the ones that are less good.
  • Take lots of photos
    Once you've set your room up for the perfect shot, don't stop there. We find that properties with 8 – 10 photos attract the most applicants. You'll definitely need a shot of the kitchen, but probably not one of the bathroom unless it is amazing. If you haven't got enough photos – its completely fine to take more than one shot of the same room from different angles. Once you've got your set of perfect shots, use the best shot of all as your main image in the advert. Be careful not to use an exterior shot for this – a well styled living room will normally attract most interest on Rightmove and Zoopla.
  • Don't overprice
    Lettings properties can sometimes be difficult to price, but overpricing will kill off your applicant interest really quickly. When you first put your lettings property on the market, you'll get more than half of all of your interest in the first few days. This is because Rightmove and Zoopla send out email alerts to people that have registered for similar properties as soon as your advert goes live. So if you've overcooked it on price, you'll struggle to regain momentum in the process, and may end up taking a large discount to your asking price. Although it only costs £1 to advertise a property on Rightmove or Zoopla using Treehaus, your first chance is your best chance. Use our rent calculator to check your rental price before you list your property.
  • Use our automated description maker
    We've distilled the dark art of writing property descriptions into a set of easy to answer multiple choice questions, which when completed, generate a beautifully written property description that will bring in applicants from far and wide. We do a lot of "generous this" and "boasting that". It is estate agent speak, but it totally works. And although we've solved the problem of how to list on Rightmove and Zoopla, your listing will still appear next to those written by people that do it every day. If you are a talented writer and can't bear the industry jargon, going free-style and writing your own property description is still possible, but if you edit the description, we have to check the description manually which slows things down.