The rental industry is not fair. There has to be a better way for tenants. 23,891

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Landlords have no accountability and tenants have no voice.

“The property is beautiful and cheap for £350 a month! A lovely 2 bedroom house. ”
Erika in horden, posted 13 hours ago
Rated 3.25 / 5
“Landlord is great with repairs. Could maintain the common areas better but can’t fault the landlord for crappy tenants.”
Tenant in hemel hempstead, posted 15 hours ago
Rated 4.5 / 5
“Lovely property and landlord is flexible about decorating etc but seems to only respond to messages in his favour (think, responds to "we'd like to st...”
Tenant in liverpool, posted 16 hours ago
Rated 3.5 / 5

18% tenants rate their property ‘poor’

We need to help tenants find good landlords


Source: Live review data

Radical change

that’s why we founded treehaus. tenants deserve a voice.

with the help of our friends

we have created the uk’s first national database of rental properties.

we think we have identified between 80-90% of all privately rented property.

Have we found your property?

but we need your help...

for our project to work, we need as many reviews from tenants as possible . in fact we are aiming for 1 million.

if we get there, we’ll plant 100 thousand trees to say thank you to the world.

Review your landlord now: