We'll remind your tenants to pay their rent on time

Twenty Pounds

per Month

Once your tenants have moved in, we'll help you collect your rent (which you can check using our rent calculator) and remind them if they pay late.

We create a dedicated account number and sort code for each property, so there is no risk of your rent being paid to anyone else.

Even if your tenants change, they can keep using the same account number and sort code and you'll still get your rent as usual.

After each monthly payment, we'll check the amount and then transfer the rent to you within hours of receiving it.

And if your tenant is struggling to pay, we'll drop them and line and give them the option to pay by debit or credit card.

For tenants that have passed our referencing checks, we can also organise rent guarantee insurance, which can be paid monthly if you prefer.

Treehaus Facts

  • Dedicated bank account for each landlord
    Once the tenancy is set up, we issue the tenants with their own unique account number and sort code. Tenants then set up a standing order to pay into this dedicated account every month. There's no limit to the number of tenants who can pay into the account, and if the tenants change during the tenancy, the new tenants can use the same bank details to take over paying the rent.
  • Arrears chasing
    Once we've received the funds from the tenants, we check the amounts, figure out if there are any arrears, and send the money on to the landlord. If the tenant has underpaid or is late to pay, we'll follow up with a series of reminders and offer the tenant the ability the ability to make a card payment.
  • Same day transfers
    Once we've checked the rent, we'll transfer it to the landlord on the same working day. The fixed fee for the rent collection service is deduced from the rental payments each month, meaning payment for the service is spread out through the year and can be cancelled at any time. Landlords can also use our online portal to keep track of rental payments since the start of the tenancy and export the information for preparing end of year accounts and self assessment returns.