Want to prove you’re one of the good guys?

5 trusted landlords can advertise on Rightmove for free

How does it work?

Our process

Get accredited

When you sign up with Treehaus, we’ll verify your identity and ask you to sign our Code of Practice. We’ll also check you are the registered owner of each property that you advertise.

Get a 5 tenant review

The most important step in the process is to get a 5* review from an existing tenant. Because this is such a key part of our process, we’ll check the review is genuine and will normally call the tenant and ask for a utility bill to prove that they really live (or lived) in the property.

Advertise your property

Whilst you are waiting for your tenant review to come through, you can upload photos and tell us about your property. Once everything is ready to go, you can get listed on Rightmove free of charge.

Do the viewings

You’ll get notifications as tenants start to enquire about your property. We ask landlords to within 24 hours and arrange viewings as soon as possible.

Do the paperwork

Landlords can use our referencing services and tenancy agreement generator. Landlords should use a third party deposit registration like MyDeposits. We don’t handle any landlord or tenant funds.

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