How to post an ad on Rightmove

If you want to get top quality tenants for your private rental property, it pays to advertise in the right places. And, there’s no better place than Rightmove.

Rightmove is used by 99 percent of estate agents and attracts more than 135 million visits every month, including a large proportion of people looking to rent. Those figures cover nationwide enquiries, but people can narrow down their search to your area so that’s a winning formula.

Just attracting a small number of enquiries from that massive figure means you can find new tenants quickly and start earning more income.

How to advertise on Rightmove

Rightmove has its own strict quality criteria for assessing estate agents before they are offered a Rightmove subscription. At the time of writing, a qualifying estate agent must also be a member of a recognised industry body.

Rightmove wants to protect their estate agents’ business. They feel that allowing landlords to advertise directly on the portal would mean ‘cutting out the middleman’ and harming agents’ business.

So, to post a property ad or listing on Rightmove you will have to use the services of a lettings agency — either a traditional high street estate agency or an online lettings agent like Treehaus.

Treehaus can help

If that feels like a problem and sounds expensive, relax. Treehaus can help with a really affordable solution.

Treehaus allows private landlords to get a free rental valuation and list a property on Rightmove via our online portal for just £1.

All you have to do is get together your property details and arrange photographs of the property. You can take the photos yourself or use a professional photographer if you want top results.

You upload the details and photographs to our easy-to-use online dashboard. We then validate the property description, check the photos and go through a process of validating your identity before uploading the property to the Rightmove portal.

This process is normally pretty quick, and, as long as your details tick all the boxes, it can normally be completed in just a few minutes. When the enquiries come into our offices, we forward them to you by email so that you can arrange your own viewings and tenant checks.

A practical, affordable way to advertise on Rightmove

This service costs just £1 to advertise a rental property outside London on Rightmove for 7 days, or £29 for 30 days advertising on Rightmove, Zoopla and OnTheMarket. We find that a week is often enough to get a good batch of enquiries. But, if you need longer to find the right tenant and generate the most interest, our full advertising package will give the best results.

We believe that this is a practical, affordable way for private landlords to use Rightmove to advertise their properties and boost their chances of getting high quality enquiries.

There are other ways to advertise – on property marketplace sites, social media or classified advertising sites, but we believe that none can match the pull of Rightmove, which attracted six million visits in May this year, the highest level of enquiries ever recorded in a single day.

Find out how we can help

Affordable, highly effective advertising and free valuations are just two of the ways we can help you at Treehaus. To find out more about our services, click here.


Can anyone advertise on Rightmove?

No. Private landlords are not allowed to advertise their individual properties on Rightmove. Rightmove has its own strict quality criterial for assessing estate agents before they are offered a Rightmove subscription. At the time of writing they much also be a member of a recognised industry body. See our article on how to list without using an estate agent for a full description of how this works.

How do I list an ad on Rightmove?

The best way to do this is through Treehaus. Our online services cost as little as £1.

How long does it take to post a property on Rightmove?

It only takes about 5 minutes to create a property listing on Treehaus. We then need to validate the listing and the landlord identify before we set the property live, but assuming everything checks out, this is normally done within minutes within normal working hours.