How much does it cost to advertise on Rightmove?

How much does it cost to advertise on Rightmove?

With Treehaus online lettings agency it only costs £150 to list a property on Rightmove.

However listing your property with a traditional high street agency is much more expensive. In London it can cost up to 18% of the property's annual rent in commission to lettings agent to advertise and manage a property. 

Using an online lettings agent like Treehaus is certainly good value, but it doesn't suit everyone. An online agent won't generally help with viewings, but they will generally help with referencing tenants, preparing the tenancy agreement and registering the deposit. It can be tricky to value your property without using an estate agent, but Treehaus has a rent calculator that can help with this.

How much does it cost estate agents to list on Rightmove?

According to Rightmove's latest annual report, it costs estate agents on average £1,088 per month to list on Rightmove. That equates to a little over £13k per annum. This price has been rising steadily over the past 5 years and since 2015, the monthly subscription has increased by 44% from £754 per month. The number of estate agents listing on Rightmove has stayed steady at around 20,000.

How can you advertise on Rightmove for free?

It is not currently possible to advertise on Rightmove for free. However, Treehaus allows private landlords to advertise their property on Rightmove for just £150, as long as they sign up to our code of practice and aspire to get great tenant reviews.

Can you advertise on Rightmove privately?

The only way to advertise on Rightmove is to do so via an estate agents or lettings agent that subscribes to their service. Rightmove do not allow private landlords to advertise on their site directly, and it is not possible to purchase a listing on Rightmove for a single property.

However, private landlords are able to advertise on Rightmove by using an online lettings service like Treehaus. Treehaus, goes through a process of validating and checking each listing, as well as the credentials of the landlord to make sure the listing is genuine. Once Treehaus internal checks have been completed, the property is listed on Rightmove. Applicants messages are then subject to a separate series of checks, before being made visible on the Treehaus landlord portal.