153a Charlton Church Lane

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Rated 2 / 5
“The property: - There is a beautiful garden in the summer. - Humidity was around 65 - 70% most of the winter. Despite the effort to operate the humidifier, condensation and mould were readily developed on multiple walls. We had to use mould cleaner constantly and bear with the intense chemical smell. - A large amount of energy was spent on heating the flat and running the dehumidifier to have a reasonably comfortable humidity and to dry clothes - The toilet bowl leaked black water. After multiple attempts to repair, it still leaks up until 31st March 2024, before we moved out. A foul smell accompanied the leakage. We lived with it throughout the tenancy. - There is a high-maintenance granite worktop that is easily worn. The landlord claimed it was damaged when it was just worn. We will update the incident with details to protect more tenants from unfair treatment. Landlords behaviours: - The landlord was handy and quick to fix the defects they could manage. - There is a shed in the garden. The landlords kept the broken furniture they tried but failed to repair in the shed. The shed ended up becoming a storage room that we rarely used. - They are trying to claim our deposit. To be fair to the landlords and the situation, more details are to be updated with evidence as events unfold. Conclusion: We tried to treasure the time when we lived in this property. The garden was decent during the summer. Neighbours on the first, the second floors and next door from both sides are kind, friendly and always helpful. Unfortunately, we do not think we are treated fairly by the landlords. While keeping personal opinions to ourselves, we will keep the community posted with more factual information and evidence, hoping that other tenants in the future will not share the same fate with us. We suggest against renting the flat mainly due to the landlord's behaviour and secondly due to the property condition.”
Anonymous, Apr 2024