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How To Advertise On Zoopla As A Private Landlord

November 10, 2020

You’ve got a property to rent and you want to find tenants quickly and cost effectively. Where do you start? You could place an ad in the property pages of your local paper or ask a High Street estate agent. The local paper ad could get you a limited response, but not necessarily the quality of tenant you’re looking for. An estate agent gives you access to a wider market, but it could prove expensive. Fortunately, there is an alternative and it’s not just more effective; it could save you a lot of money. We’re talking about advertising on Zoopla, one of the fastest-growing online property sites in the UK.

Zoopla is a highly effective medium for finding tenants

So, why advertise online? More and more people begin their property searches online – on their laptops and computers or even on their smartphones. The industry reckons that about 90 percent of property searches start this way, so you don’t want to miss an opportunity like that.

And, why Zoopla? As we said, it’s growing fast and it’s very popular with around 35 million visits every month. It’s a well respected site too — Zoopla is the choice of The Times, Sunday Times, The Sun, The Independent and the London Evening Standard as the search channel for their property pages.

That’s a medium you don’t want to ignore.

Admittedly, it’s unlikely that all of those 35 million visitors will be looking for a rental property in your area. But, if you get just a small proportion, you’re likely to be looking at a good number of some pretty interesting enquiries and the opportunity for new tenants in just a short time.

The next question is how.

Well, unfortunately you can’t list your property directly on that site as a private landlord. Zoopla only accepts ads from qualified estate agents who are members of a recognised industry association.

Treehaus enables private landlords to advertise on Zoopla and Rightmove

But, that’s not a problem. Here at Treehaus, we can help with a simple, very affordable solution.

How does £1 sound for a listing on one of the UK’s busiest property sites? We think it’s a pretty effective way to attract tenants without pushing your marketing costs up.

Yes, we do mean just £1. This service costs just £1 to advertise a rental property on Rightmove for seven days, £29 to go live on Rightmove, Zoopla and OTM for 30 days, and £49 to go live on Rightmove, Zoopla and OTM for 30 days. For the £49 option, private landlords will also get access to a customisable tenancy agreement template they can use, plus deposit registration.

In our experience, a week is usually enough to get a good batch of enquiries.

At those rates, we believe this makes Zoopla an affordable choice for private landlords — and it represents much better value than advertising through a High Street estate agency.

Listing your property with a traditional High Street agency is much more expensive than using an online letting agent. In London it can cost up to 18 percent of the property's annual rent in commission to the agency to advertise and manage a property.

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Simple process

Here’s how it works – and it’s quick and simple.

Just get together your property details and arrange photographs of the property. If you’re not sure about the level of rent to charge, you can use our free rent calculator to get a realistic indication in around 60 seconds.

Then upload the details and photographs to our easy-to-use online dashboard. We’ll validate the property description, check the photos and go through a process of validating your identity before uploading the property to the Zoopla portal.

This process is normally pretty quick, and, as long as your details tick all the boxes, it can normally be completed in just a few minutes. When the enquiries come into our offices, we forward them to you by email or you can download them from our landlord portal. Then you’re ready to arrange your own viewings and tenant referencing and credit checks - and the latter we can help with too for just £20.

With that kind of fast response and good quality candidates to choose from, you could soon be back earning income for your property. Read More: Rent Collection Service: How Does It Work?